Kryptex (6)

  • Kryptex is a virus?

    No! Kryptex is not a virus. Learn why antivirus software get triggered by mining software and how to avoid that.

  • What is a solution?

    Solutions is a metric showing the amount of work done by a PC. Learn how they work and get converted into real currency — bitcoins.

  • Bonus for a friend! How the referral program works

    Invite friends, colleagues, and relatives to use Kryptex and earn a little extra. Each referral gives you a 5% bonus of their income. Forever. Regardless of referrals count.

  • Connect with Kryptex community!

    Kryptex Reddit, Twitter, Discord, Instagram and all sorts of other ways to connect with us and our community. Check it out!

  • How to start mining with Kryptex?

    Sign up, download Kryptex, run the app. Done! While your PC is on, Kryptex will be earning you money. Check out how to launch Kryptex and start earning immediately.

  • Withdrawing money from Kryptex

    Here at Kryptex we proudly offer the widest variety of fiat payout options. Withdraw bitcoins directly with the lowest fees possible. Or simply withdraw dollars directly on any bank card of the world! 🌎


Kryptex is a desktop application. Download the app to your PC after signing up.