Hacked! Someone withdrawing my money!

Your Kryptex account and email was hacked!

⚠ Follow these three steps ⚠

1. Change all passwords immediately

  • Change Kryptex password in profile settings;
  • Change your email password. Do not reuse the same Kryptex password

2. Cancel payout request

  • Enter the payout history;
  • Click on the ID of the payout and cancel it there. > If a hacker managed to confirm withdrawal using your email, it is no longer possible to cancel payout.

3. Protect your Kryptex account

  • Do not reuse the same password for Kryptex and your email! Even with access to your Kryptex account, it is impossible to confirm the payout without access to your email.
  • Use strong passwords. No less than ten letters of different cases, digits and special symbols like "!$#%&@?<>".
  • Enable two-factor authentication on your email.
  • Do not type your passwords manually — save them in your web browser.
  • Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach using haveibeenpwned.com.

Kryptex is a desktop application. Download the app to your PC after signing up.