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Kryptex is a virus?

March 24, 2019, 10:33 p.m.

No! Kryptex is not a virus!

Kryptex.exe was blocked or similar alerts from antivirus software should not mislead you.

There are lots of viruses that silently mine cryptocurrency without user's permission. That is why most antivirus programs block miners by default. Windows Defender has this aggressive security policy, too.

Kryptex works only when you allow it to.

Make your PC friends with Kryptex 😊

Revert all antivirus' actions: exclude Kryptex folders and restore deleted files.

Help antivirus understand your intentions: protect Kryptex folders adding them to exclusions.

Kryptex 3.x:


Kryptex 2.x:


Aforementioned rules applied in Windows Defender:

If Kryptex says kryptex#.exe is missing, reinstall the app to restore missing files.

It's a beautiful lie 🎶

Nope, we've got a digital signature

The safety and security of Kryptex were validated by a third-party. The only safe place to download a signed file is from our website. The signature must look like this:

Fake Kryptex instances will lack those signatures. If you have downloaded an installer signed differently or unsigned at all, please, contact us and let us know where did you get malicious file. We fight the impostors as our life depends on it.

Kryptex is marked as "Not a virus"

Most often upon a detection, antiviruses mark Kryptex as "Not-A-Virus" or "Potentially Unwanted Software (PUA)." They prefer to play it safe and expect your manual action: whether you'll block or allow the app to run.

Check out the VirusTotal

VirusTotal checks hundreds of files each minute using signatures of more than 60 antiviruses simultaneously. Here's the summary of Kryptex scan. Everything is clear, 59 out of 63 antiviruses marked our app as safe. Other 5 marked it as a "CoinMiner" which it is! 😋

My antivirus seems to be unstoppable. Help! 🚑

Fear not! Message us, we'll solve any issue 💪🏻 Replies are given within one day.

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Kryptex is a desktop application. Download the app to your PC after signing up.