AMD RX 5500 XT 8GB • 31 Jul 2021 • Unknown Miner

Hashrate / Algorithm

25.0 MH/s ⚡️ 26.7 MH/s (+1.7)
DaggerHashimoto ETH

Core / Memory / Power

AMD Radeon Software

Community score

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Extra information

The Hashrate for ETH is dependent primarily on the GPUs Memory Clock (tuned via VRAM Tuning in AMD Radeon) and so the Core Clock and Power Limit have been reduced significantly, thus reducing the power usage (to 60W) and increasing efficiency of mining.

*Please note that the values showed above are the actual values set in my case within AMD Radeon Software meaning that my Max Core Clock is 1000MHz (voltage of 770mV), Max Memory Frequency is 1850MHz and Power Limit is -30%.

**These values are stable when mining in the background whilst doing any other work that is NOT dependent on GPU Clock Speed. For games/applications that are dependent on Core Clock Speed, a separate profile will need to be used and mining will need to be halted during workloads such as gaming. I have a separate profile for gaming where I bump up the Core Clock Speed to 1870MHz (voltage of 1070mV) and the Power Limit to +10%.


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