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  • Paypal Withdrawals

    Make a way to withdraw to Paypal

  • Calculator

    Calculate amount hash

  • Make a App for Android or ios Mining Monitoring Realtime

    Make a App for Android or ios Mining Monitoring Realtime

  • List of the best GPUs for mining

    I was always looking for a list of the best mining GPUs. I think you have lots of performance data. So it will be great to have all this data available.

  • Choose power of GPU & CPU in %

    Before mining it would be cool to be able to grab a power percentage of GPU & CPU usage to undermine more or less effectively and avoid overheating on some PCs. Thanks ;)

  • Ethereum payouts

    I would like to get some Ethereum or Monero in addition to Bitcoin, so it would be great to have such payout options.

  • Custom miner settings

    Kryptex 3.1 is capable of launching different miners for different GPUs and this is awesome. However, sometimes it's beneficial to customize miner settings yourself...

  • Steam gift cards

    You already have Amazon gift cards as a payout method. Could you add Steam gift cards too?

  • Buy GPU's to earn mining power.

    Design a Kryptex hardware marketplace.

  • Automatic Withdrawal

    When you reach the minimum limit, your earnings will be sent automatically to a wallet address.

  • Start / Stop miner from the website.

    like another company, I would like to be able to switch on/off my miner or one of my miner card directly from the website.

  • Linux compatibility

  • Make a way to withdraw to Payeer.

  • Make an official Kryptex wallet

    make Kryptex accounts to be able to create wallets and accept deposits and withdrawals. mining also can top up that wallet.

  • Altcoins for payout

    example Dogecoin, LTC, ETH

  • Notifications of Feature updates

    Email / App notifications for News & Article postings would be great to have to see and be informed of the new updates made to the dashboard and app.

  • Total Rig Power/Hashrate/Earning

    Here comes how much electricity is used daily and shows conversion with the help of calculator converter. Also a total hashrate and earnings of the system.

  • Make a Lite Version for Faster installing on any PC

    Make a Lite Version for Faster installing on any PC

  • Trading and echange

    Add an interface for trading, and an interface to exchange currency

  • Web: show earnings per day

    I noticed nowhere on this web it's shown the earnings per day, week, month from the current mining.
    It would be certainly useful.

  • Add an option to be able to withdraw to our bank account using SEPA/IBAN

    This could be something people could opt in to.

    Directly withdrawing to our bank account which can be done manually once a day or so.

  • 8-bit keygen music

    The title says it all


    hello, adding automatic payout system for BTC <3
    exemple :
    Rule : Minimum AutoPayout : 1€
    user auto payout settings : 10€
    user auto payout settings type : BTC
    user auto payout settings wallet : XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    if accunts money = 10€ : Payout at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Make for visitors attractive option How many people are mining on Kryptex

    Make for visitors attractive option How many people are mining on Kryptex
    shows in Total numbers in online or offline

  • Claymore's miner -strap, -cvddc and -mvddc

    Option to set the straps in the config to increase hashpower. Also -cvddc and -mvddc.

  • Turkish translation

    Please translate everything to Turkish! Thanks

  • Please add WeChat Pay

    It's great to have UnionPay, but WeChat is very nice too

  • Button to quickly switch between Lite and Full modes

    I love Kryptex just for the amazing feature of being able to use my computer normally while mining and switching to Full Mode automatically after 5 min of inactivity.
    However, there are some times when I want to pass to Full Mode already, or I don't want Kryptex to go to Lite Mode if I move the mouse.
    Right now the only way to do this is to go to the Settings tab (icon), which takes some time.
    It would be SO nice to have a button on the main screen of the Kryptex app!

  • Invest in Kryptex for hash rate

    So basically you donate or buy power to kryptex and it either gives some percentage or hash rates

  • Schedule start/stop miner

    It would be great to have an option to schedule the start and stop of the miner / day.
    Users could set up the start hour:minute and the stop hour:minute. That would be useful for users that used their pc's for more than mining, like schedule uploading or other stuffs that consume resources.

  • Adding more coin for mining

    Add more coin for mining like XZC and others

  • Adding an option for how many CPU cores to utilize

  • Remote app update via website

    Update the installed Kryptex program on selected or all computers, from the website. If you have several computers with miners, maybe with a long physical distance between them, it would be very nice to be able to autoupdate them directly from the website. So you dont need physical access to the pcs with miners.

  • Debit Cards

    Need the ability to use debit cards to buy and cash out especially in North America

  • Coinbase Withdrawals

    Direct payments to a linked coinbase account, could also be useful for future pools

  • Withdraw to Monero Wallet Address

    Making withdrawal to a Monero Wallet Address possible, so as one can withdraw balance to his/her monero address.

  • bring the mining software to linux and mac os systems

    it would be awesome to have my linux or macos machines mining aswell next to my windows machine

  • API

    Please release a public API. It'll be nice to play with stats.

  • Add electricity costs and power consumption to profitability calculation.

    Give users the ability to enter electricity costs and per component electrical consumption (ex: GPU1 consumes 280W, GPU2 consumes 300W, CPU1 consumes 180W, TOTAL SYSTEM POWER CONSUMPTION = 760W) to determine real world profitability.

  • Pro App Mode | Display estimated profitability of each device

    Would be great to see how a profitability currency amount next to each device to see how it is performing with the algorithim it is currenlty operating with.

  • we should add more currencies for the mining software

    it would be awesome to have like aud,yen,pounds, just to see how much were earning if we are not in america or other available countries at the moment

  • Add option for CAD$ display currency

  • Decrease Solutions mined in mining and profitibilty increases i.e. add level bonuses....

    Taking eternity time to mine solutions, add new fast algorithms to mine solutions less than 24 hours....

  • get credit phone

    get credit on the telophone with electronic money ,for those who have not very powerful GPUs, I can use credit for phone top-ups

  • Litecoin payouts

    Litecoin payouts

  • International Amazon Gift Cards

    Please add Amazon Gift Cards for amazon.de, amazon.fr, amazon.es, amazon.co.uk, etc.

  • payment for game giftcard (league of legends or battlenet and etc)

    Like steam but you just provide prepaid gift card and the user can add them then buy whatever they want in-game. no game key

  • Make a way to withdraw to Payoneer.

    Easy to get a MasterCard from Payoneer, with MasterCard you can do all payment online, all shops and also you can withdraw cash from an ATM.

  • money withdrawl by easypaisa

  • Kryptex as a service

    Kryptex as a service and possibility to hide/remove icon tray

  • Mercado Livre Withdrawals

  • French Translation

  • Add HKD$

    Show the HKD in kryptex

  • Make the window scalable

    It would be pretty cool if this fit on my second monitor which is in portrait mode.

  • Add Bitcoin SV & Dogecoin

    Bitcoin SV: its value does not stop growing and it is profitable to mining in any high performance PC

    Dogecoin: It is quite popular, it seems that its mining capacity does not stop and its mining difficulty is low

  • Perfect Money Withdrawals

    Make a way to withdraw to Perfect money!

  • Celsius Network payout

    I would be happy that you include payment into Celsius Netowrk account in CEL token.

  • Cryptocurrency as default currency

    Add BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, etc as default currency

  • Direct withdraw in India

    Bank transfer / Visa / MasterCard in India, as now Crypto is legal in India.

  • Editable mining notification settings

    Ability to turn on/off notifications per mining machine. Also the ability to change time until notification as one hour is much to long. Half hour timer at the least but even down to 10 minutes would be ideal.

  • Maximize Application

    Launching maximized shortcut of Kryptex works fine, but after some time it gets normalized, having multiple cards makes it difficult to see all of them.
    It would be a nice option to have maximized button right before closing button on top right corner, as well as settings option below "Start with Windows" as "Start Maximized", to always have that maximized Kryptex application, showing as most things as possible on mining rigs.

  • Prepaid VISA gift cards

    Add an option to cash out to a VISA gift card they would make for you

  • Make power regulator

    It will regulate how hard will your gpu and cpu will work.

  • Bitcoin cash and Ripple coin payouts

    Please add other methods like Bitcoin Cash and Ripple coin payouts as they have low transaction fees

  • Lite mode

    Make option for manual LITE MODE is always on.

  • Graph To Show Mining Profits

    A page that can show if people are making more or less like I noticed I dropped more than 50% and it would be nice to see on a graph that everyone is dropping and not just me maybe?

  • Ammount to be paid

    On the dashboard it shows how much you have made , it would be awesome to have a total of what your making a day/month like in the top gpu section.

  • Know how much time the mining rig has been mining for

    It would be nice to see in the kryptex app how much time has the mining rig been working.


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