Kryptex FAQ

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How does it work? Where does the money come from?

Kryptex generates the cryptocurrency, for which you get Bitcoins or real money. To earn money, simply download the software and run it on your PC!

What do I get and what do you get?

You get the money without any effort. Your computer does all the work. We get a small percentage of the generated cryptocurrency. Still most of the income goes to you.

My antivirus reports a virus!

Kryptex is not a virus.

Ther are viruses, that generate cryptocurrency without users' consent. Hence some antivirus software block anything related with cryptocurrencies. When Kryptex is detected such AV software usually reports: "Not-A-Virus", "Potentially Unwanted Software (PUA)". An aggressive safety policies of such AV software implies, that the user must explicitly allow such software to work.

What can you do? Add Kryptex into the exclusion list. Kryptex works only when you allow it to. And you get the money, not any hackers.

How much can I earn?

It depends on your computer's power. A modern PC with a powerful gaming grade graphics card can generate $30-70/month. Install Kryptex software, and it will calculate the exact profitability for your PC.

How do I get the money?

You can withdraw Bitcoins and then exchange them into your preferred currency.

Will the computer work slower?

No, it won't. Kryptex has a light mode, that is activated automatically. It prevents any slowdown in browser or YouTube, you can watch streaming videos. At any moment you can pause or turn Kryptex off.

Is it safe? Won't it cause damage to my PC?

You can stay assured, that your PC is safe. To generate the cryptocurrency CPU and graphics card perform mathematical calculations. It is as safe as computer games.

Can I install Kryptex on several PCs?

Yes, you can! Simply install Kryptex on your PCs and log in using your account. Your balance will accumulate the income from all your PCs.

What is a solution?

Solution — is a unit of work done by your PC. It can also be called share.

All solutions are converted into phases: Verifiable solutions became confirmed after verification at the pool. Usually verification takes less than 8 hours, however occasionally it can take several days. Confirmed solutions are exchanged to Bitcoins that you can withdraw. Exchange is performed regularly, but it can sometimes be delayed by several hours, this is normal.

My balance is not growing but instead is becoming lower!

The money is stored as Bitcoins. The displayed balance may become lower or higher due to fluctuations of Bitcoin exchange rate to your preferred currency: RUR, UAH, USD, etc. You can check the actual Bitcoin exchange rate at the site in the "Balance" section.

How often is the balance updated?

Balance update frequency depends on the algorithm that Kryptex has chosen to use on your PC. Intervals between the deposits may be from 1 to 8 hours for CryptoNight and DaggerHashimoto algorithms, and up to 24 hours for Equihash. For this reason after the first software run the balance might be zero for several hours.


What does profitability depend on?

Maximum profit can be achieved using a graphics card. The newer and the more powerful it is, the better. Models with 3GB+ GDDR5 VRAM or better are suited best.

You can even generate cryptocurrency using the CPU. The main factor for profitability is the number of cores and L3 cache size.

I use a laptop, can I still earn money?

Yes, you can, but not much. Kryptex works best on desktop PCs. Laptops are optimized for long battery life rather than intense calculations.

I'm getting an error related to 'opencl.dll'; 'd3dcompiler_43.dll'!

'Opencl.dll' and 'd3dcompiler_43.dll' — are GPU driver components. Install the latest graphics card driver from the vendor's site.


Windows 10 and Nvidia

If you are using Nvidia graphics card, install Windows 10 Anniversary Update. This update fixes ineffective memory addressing on Nvidia graphics cards. This is especially crucial for GTX 10xx series graphics cards.

How to earn more?

  1. Keep Kryptex running when you don't use the PC.
  2. Pause Kryptex instead of turning if off completely.
  3. Keep Kryptex running at night.

Crossfire and SLI

If you are using several graphics cards, please disable Crossfire/SLI. This will increase the income.


Overclocking may increase the apparent performance, but decrease actual income due to instable calculations. We do not recommend graphics card overclocking.

Swap file

If you have several graphics cards, increasing swap file size might increase the income. Rule of a thumb for swap file size: 3GB per each graphics card. Or just set the size to 16GB.


I did not receive the email to confirm the payout. What should I do?

Search for this email in your Spam box, often it ends there.

If the email is not found in the Spam box, try to request the new one: Click the payout ID in the Payout history. Click "Request email again".

If this did not help, write to support. We'll sort this out!


Kryptex is a desktop application. Download the app to your PC after signing up.